• Monitoring RDS Free Storage With Cloudformation
    Monitoring is an important aspect of Software Development. We will have a look into AWS to see how Resources can be monitored and alerts can be setup in Slack and email. We will be monitoring free Storage against a threshold value for AWS RDS Instance.

  • Productivity Tips for Systems Administrators and DevOps
    Sys Admins and DevOps while working tend to under-utilize their time as of the traditional mentality of not getting acquainted to right mindset, tooling and culture.

  • Deploying Laravel site in Ubuntu Server
    Laravel is a popular web development framework for PHP known for its highly expressive, and its speed and security. Ubuntu, the popular Operating system of choice for servers.

  • Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate for your website for Free
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate can prevent Man in the Middle (MITM) and Identity forgery attacks for your website users. You can always get SSL for free with LetsEncrypt.